Eleading for the nearly past 10 years have been well concentrated on supplying especially for the western and other developed countries with quality proved RF parts of the best of China,of which the main products are isolator/circulator(both ferrite and waveguide) of frequency ranging from 88MHz~26GHz for applications for both commercial telecom and defense as well. Secondy ,we have since late 2006 to start to serve the European customers for TETRA demand for isolator/circulator/cavity duplexer/filter etcs, so we are very experienced in this respect as well. Our another strength is PIN switch which presents features in wide range of frequency(eg.0.5-18GHz) and switching speed.

What has made Eleading special is that most of the veteran engineers have been working for state RF institutes which are the highest level in China. And another feature is that we are really serious for customers¡¯ own specs own dimensions, we don¡¯t just response with our own in-house standard parts which from time to time don not match customer¡¯s individual requirements, but Eleading never have them turned down so soon,we always try our best to satisfy our customers¡¯ specs till last minute.

For more greater info ,please go deeper into our homepage,however, we don't update for new parts often, so please also contact factory for what you don't find in our product listed in our homepage which is only a window for a vast range of grassland.